"gostei muito da massagem e sinto-me muito bem comigo mesmo. Foi mais um passo na minha busca interna.
Muito grato Ariel
Isaac Sousa

Boa tarde,

Não conhecia o conceito e nunca tinha experimentado uma massagem tântrica.

Não estava à espera mas foi uma óptima experiência. Especialmente agradado com o atendimento e massagem da vossa terapeuta "Meghana".

Caso haja oportunidade espero repetir.


"A minha experiência com a Ariel foi algo de sublime.
Algo de "outro mundo". Libertação sublime, talvez seja o melhor adjectivo.
Voltarei !
5/ Setembro/2016

Dear Nut
I recently had the opportunity to meet Nut and I am so happy that our
paths have crossed.

As a new student to tantra practices my initial feelings were apprehensive
and also one of fluttering excitement not really knowing what I could or
would experience during our session.
Before starting we discussed premature ejaculation and anxiety issues that
I have
experienced and Nut quickly put me at ease.
After a short time we started by the opening of our energy paths and
then with relaxed breath we moved to eye gazing.
I found I got lost in the stare, falling deeper and deeper into these
brown pools of love, not wanting to look away, to be welcomed so lovingly
this beautiful soul in front of me.
My body relaxed with synchronised breathing as if we were one and then the
energy started buzzing through me. A hand not touching but brushing over
my body, I could feel an extreme buzz, goosebumps on my skin,
elevating my energy flow and moving my experience to the point of
disbelief. How is this possible, why have I not felt this before, I don¹t
want this movement to stop.
Our bodies seemed to sway, move, dance to the vibrations running through
them to a tune that was so delightful.

After two of the most heart warming hours my session ended with the most
delightful and loving embrace.

So now my personal journey has begun, so far very eye opening
and a transition in my life of being open, free and honest with myself and
people around me. It has been 3 weeks since our meeting and
I still have energy bursts within me which are so delightful.
I hope to share more moments with Nut soon so that I can experience
these feelings and energy more intensely.


Bom dia, tive no Sábado passado(29/10), uma Kundalini Massage com a Ariel e tenho a dizer que foi uma experiência fabulosa.

Grande profissionalismo, dedicação e concentração no momento presente com grande intensidade. Foi uma massagem extraordinária !!

Muitos parabéns à Ariel .

Com amizade,

José Prudêncio

The massage was perfect, I agreed with Darah for another appointment on saturday 21st at 6:00 PM.


"Aicha é graciosa, amável ,sorridente, fresca e pratica massagem tântrico com virtuosismo, em suas mãos
é um relaxamento total
Eu recomendo fortemente Aicha"
Sylvie (de Paris)
Fevereiro / 2018